Continued Problems Despite Using Google Chrome AND Resizing Photos!!!

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    Will the Support staff please start taking my complaints seriously??? I am fuming (again!!) because I just tried posting four photos, which I had resized to 1000 x approximately 600/700 whaddyacallits by means of a photo editing site, plus I’ve lately used Google Chrome whenever I’ve tried posting on my blog. Listen, this repeated aggravation has to stop!!! I’ve complained about this a number of times, and nothing has been done to correct the problem once and for all!! On previous occasions you’ve told me “it’s the browser,” “it’s the image size, and I’m sick and tired of hearing that boloney! As I said, do something about this once and for all so I can have the trouble-free experiences I had during my first two months on this blog, when I used Internet Explorer 8 AND posted un-resized photos (why this change all of a sudden, when it doesn’t even work when you’re using an acceptable browser AND resized photos???). I have a business to advertise here, and I certainly don’t need all this aggravation!!

    The blog I need help with is



    I am sorry you are having so much trouble.

    Here are the previous threads you have posted in the forums. Perhaps you will find the answers by reading the replies you have received in them.

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