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Continuing problem with retaining metadata for images

  1. I use many of my photographs in my blog, but the ONLY way I can retain my metadata (i.e., copyright, titles, tags, etc.) is to use the full-size image every time I want to use an image, and laboriously modify the size each time. What I WANT to do is simply grab the handy, resized images (e.g., "medium"), which are generally just right for my blog entries, and use them. But WordPress strips the metadata from those images, so then they can be downloaded without even copyright info on them.

    The how-to's in support seem to imply I should be able to select to keep the metadata in my media settings, but there is no such selection there (maybe that is old info)?

    I've searched exhaustively, and find only other users seeking the same information/help. Similar entries in the support forum have simply been closed out without resolution or offer outdated solutions for very old versions of WordPress. I'm not trying to design a site from scratch; I just want to add a standard resized image to a posting without losing the metadata.

    I've was using the "image-magik" plug-in (a WordPress 1.5 tool) for a while with some luck, but it does not seem to work every time, and lately not at all, and one can't change settings on it in the current version.

    Alas, I have only minimal php skill at I'm afraid advice on how to build my own image import and management code from scratch won't help much. Has anyone resolved this? Is there a reliable plug-in compatible with WordPress 3.5? Any help greatly appreciated!

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