Contradiction on Widgets

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    Hi, guys!

    Listen, I just changed to Benevolence and did some coding which is working out pretty well so far. Here’s something I can’t do yet. I want only Archives and the Links to other blogs in the side column, but I have those two things plu7s I have a Search Box there and Categories. In the Design page, under Widgets, it has these elements and the word Add with them, as if they had not been added at all. So I can’t seem to use that page to get rid of them. (In other words, there’s no Delete to select, as if it were recognized that they were already Added.)

    How do I get rid of them? Especially the search box–don’t like the search engine at all, and useless for my kind of blog.




    You need to to reselect/add the widgets when you switch themes. Try adding only the ones you want to have.

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