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    I’ve switched my blog to the recently released Vigilance theme. Outside of a few nitpicks, I think it’s one of the better themes available.

    There is an issue with internationalisation of the theme, though. My blog is in French and I’ve set the appropriate preferences. Still, most of the strings in the theme appear in English.

    I would volunteer to properly translate the theme in French. What would be the appropriate way to do so? Should I work on the Vigilance theme as published by its designers or is using a one-off version?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    The blog I need help with is



    I have a blog in wordpress and i am using the design Vigilance. Itis very, very good. But I have a problem, some words appear in english and i write it in spanish. For example: Leave a comment, instead of “Deja un comentario”. I have changed the language in my profile, but the problem continues. Can I do something?

    Thank you



    Have you changed the language on the BLOG rather than your profile? That’s under Settings General.



    I’m using the Vigilance theme with German language settings and I’m experiencing the same issue (e.g. “read more”, “from”, “leave a comment” instead of the German equivalent). Also the date format shown above the articles and on archive pages (yyyy Month dd) is not changed using the global settings.

    The problem seems to be that even the new release (1.34) for doesn’t feature a full localization. But Jestro ( just wrote two weeks ago:

    If you have you been waiting for an internationalized version of Vigilance—your wait is almost over. We will be internationalizing Vigilance very soon!

    As the theme is a really great one and major improvements took place, it would be really great if the vigilance theme used on (which currently seems to be based on release 1.22) would be updated in the close future.

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