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    Are you able to tell me what a contributor or an author can see verses an admin please. This isn’t spelled out in the User roles.

    Do they have access to comments in the dashboard or email addresses like admins have? Can they see or use any of the left-hand sidebar items? Or do they just see the site stats and the box where they can post an article? Is there a photo of what they will be able to see?

    As an admin, I can see everything, but I want to know what type of access these other users have to our information. I assume they won’t be able to change their status by clicking on user, but can they click on anything else? Can they see addresses of other commenters? Will they see comments?

    When they have written a post, does it have a button to push that asks an admin to check the work? Or how does that work?


    The blog I need help with is



    1) no
    2) yes, some
    3) I don’t believe they DO see the stats, but it’s possible they do.
    4) not as far as I know.
    5) they can click on several things but not the Settings and they cant’ change anything.
    6) Yes, they can see the addresses of the other commenters
    7) Yes, they can see the comments page.
    8) no, there is no button to push. It’s just stored as a Draft till you approve it.

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