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    Is there a plan for email notifications to go out to a designated website editor when a contributor posts content? Currently, whether they contribute directly into WordPress or via the post-by-email feature, there is not email notification. There is for comments, but not for this important event. I saw past years’ topics bout this closed without plans for rolling out such a feature, but thought I’d check in for 2012.

    For our private website, for a service organization, I have created a work-around involving an editor gmail account. It is not ideal for the editor to cut/paste out of gmail/Wordpress, but it is certainly worth it to receive an email notification. We plan on providing this editor gmail account to our contributors instead of the generated WordPress post-to-email address for this very reason. I hope this helps others brainstorm and if someone has a better workaround, I’d appreciate the input.

    Thank you. We are compiling lists of pros/cons as we contemplate making the full transition from Blogger to WordPress. Your response would certainly help us on one of our decision points.

    The blog I need help with is

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