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    Hi there, I am setting up a group blog and would like to invite several users as Contributors.

    I understand that Contributors cannot upload images but I was wondering if someone can tell me, does this mean they also cannot insert images using the URL codes from a photosharing site such as Photobucket? In their post editor will they even see the add media button?

    Thank you in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    THey should be able to hotlink from Photobucket, although they may have to do so in the CODE editor instead of the Visual editor.


    Ahh I didn’t think about that, thank you, I just tried an experiment and managed to get an image to show up by inserting it in the CODE editor.

    It is tricky to work out what will work from my end being an Administrator and the blog is not live yet. I think I’ll need to have someone sign up early to help me test this out.




    Your Contributors should be able to use Windows Live Writer, etc, to insert the images if they’re entirely visually oriented.

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