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Contributors listed as authors?

  1. Hi there. I have several "authors" on my blog who will be regular posters. I'd also like to add some folks who will post, possibly repeatedly, but less often than the authors. I figured making them "contributors" was the way forward, but...they show up in my author widget. Any idea why, or how I can change that? I don't want readers to lump the two types of writers together.

    That should help. The author widget is new and probably not refined enough to tell the difference between the User and Contributor roles.

  3. Thanks. I had explored the different roles, and was glad to be able to differentiate between authors and contributors, which is why I'm disappointed that they show up in the same widget. Any idea if the widget will be able to tell the difference between roles in the future? I'd really like to be able to keep my guest bloggers (as apposed to regular author bloggers) in a separate category and make it simple to link to their posts. Any ideas?

  4. No idea whatsoever. If I were you I'd take the widget out and make a text widget with links to each author's contribution.

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