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    I am using a supplied wordpress template (right now experimenting with the Neat theme). I want to make links available to users … I set these up in categories using the Blogroll function.

    how do I control the order of links on the blog … I can see how you can change the order of the links on the manage screen but this doesn’t seem to carry through to the display on the blog itself (the default seems to be alphabetical but I have a specific ordering in mind that will assist navigation).

    Is there a way to do this without changing the CSS? Is this a feature of the theme that I am using. I can create a text file with a list of links but this seems to defeat the purpose of the blogroll function.

    Thanks for your help!



    It’s dependent on theme, normally they display alphabetically, sometimees they’ll go by category.



    If you use the Link widget, it will be by category and then alphabetically with the category.



    I have same problem.

    “If you use the Link widget, it will be by category and then alphabetically with the category”

    I don’t understand this I guess.

    I have put the link widget in top using the widget function, then assigned the links to categories, which is ok. But I want to control the order, because some link categories belongs together (are sub-categories).

    There is a function in manage categories where you can assign categories to a “mother” category. That would be ok if the subcategories are then alphabetic under the mother category, as long as they don’t get mixed with other subcategories. But it seems it does not work that way?



    (1) If you configure your categories widget to show hierarchical structure (open the widget and use the checkbox inside it and save change) then
    (2) you can establish a mother (category) – child (sub-category) structure in the manage categories part of your dashboard functions by adding categories and defining their “parent” cateories or by editing those you have already added to define their subsidiary relationship to the “parent” category.
    Remember that alphabetization is theme dependent.
    (3) In the themes that allow for the foregoing structure all the levels of categories and sub-categories so created will be alphabetically ordered.
    (4) The links (blogroll) widget cannot be “configured”. It is the configuring of the categories widget, the category structure in the management area and the choice of categories that you make for each of your (blogroll) links that dictates (within the alphabetical confines) the order that your links will be displayed in the sidebar.



    I’ll try… Thank you for explaining



    I feel, it should be possible for the wordpress team to simply allow links to be listed in the order of their rating in the blog roll (if it is possible in mange bookmarks area, why not on the blog itself?). Hope this feature is added.



    The theme i use does sort alphabetically (Almost Spring). In some link-categories i needed a different way of sorting the links. So i added in the field “Name:” sthg like A1-Link A2-Link … so the list is sorted the way i prefer. Also i can always add new links in between, using a different letter, like A1-Link B1-Link A2-Link
    And this “remarks” aren’t shown to the users within this theme, it just shows the Description.



    Pavant, best bet would be to submit this via feedback. It’s something that should be added to the Links widget in my opinion.

    Either that or copy and paste the html code into a text widget and edit it to your liking.


    I am trying to move to wordpress, but I am intensely discouraged by my experience so far with the blogroll. I organized my links in different categories. I would like to be able to determine the order in which the different categories will be displayed, but it seems that they are always displayed alphabetically. This is not what I want, since some categories are more important than others. Is there a way around this?

    By the way, why not a simple system with several “links” widgets we could move around the side bar as we liked?



    The simple workaround is to inject a numeral prior to the word.

    1 Family
    2 Co-Workers
    3 Friends


    Thanks, timethief, but will the numbers be displayed? One of the advantages of wordpress is that the templates look much more professional than blogger’s. Little numbers in front of categories because “We can’t do it otherwise” kind of ruins it.



    yes those numbers will appear, unfortunately.

    an alternative would be to put your links in a text widget: that way, you can arrange which category of links to appear first on your sidebar, without the need to put numerals to overrun the alphabetical order bit.



    I am having the same problem with my Blogroll Links and it is very frustrating no being able to set the order in which Links appear. I have to rename the Link titles just to conform to an alphabetized prerequisite in formatting. When I tried to sort my Links under “address,” after selecting this option several times, it kept reverting to the original list order when I viewed the site.

    I too think some issues can be solved by creating additional Link boxes, but they need separate Widgets When I tried this under the current system the Link boxes could not be moved independently to separate positions on the sidebar. I would like more than one Link Widget because I want a “Sign a Petition” set of Links right at the very top of my sidebar to encourage people to take action. However I want all of the other Links listed in a box below my pages and categories. I wish this was possible, but not yet?



    The way the themes are coded is for alphabetical display as described above. If you wish to make a new feature suggestion to staff the place to do that is in a support ticket

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