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    I’ve had the above blog for several years. A some point I bought a domain (.me) but did not renew it. In 2015 I stopped blogging. Now I would like to resume but don’t have acess to the control panel (or whatever it’s called). WordPress seems to think I don’t have a blog yet I can log into it. I’m just unable to change anything.

    How do I get back full control of my blog?



    Hi riggbeck,

    Can you try to use another browser or clear your cache?

    Let me know how it goes. Thanks!



    Hi joshron,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I cleared the cache to no avail. I have the latest version of Firefox, which I’ve been using all along, but would be very reluctant to change. If WordPress doesn’t work with Firefox, then I’d rather lose WordPress.


    Whilst you are waiting for a member of staff to respond to the modlook tag that has been added perhaps you should try logging out from this account and logging in using your other username? The username poetmcgonagall appears to be connected to that site (and used the same Gravatar).


    Hi –

    I can confirm what themagicrobot stated. In order to access the blog shared in your original post, you will need to sign in with the poetmcgonagall user account. That is not the account that you are signed in with and using to post here.


    Yes! Thank you, I’d forgotten about the other username. I now have control of the blog.

    The only remaining problem is that posts in the category menu below the top banner are unavailable through that route. The server is at the .me domain that I let lapse.

    Is there any way of redirecting them, or would I have to delete that menu system and start again?



    I do not think redirection is going to work since the .me version is no longer active as you mentioned. If the domain is available we could try to set it up to redirect though.

    It’s not the easiest, but probably the best long term to rebuild the menu.

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