Controlling content width of posts (after deleting widgets.)

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    Hi, after finding very little use for widgets, we have decided to get rid of them, but now the problem is having to publish a post, with lots of empty space where widgets used to be.
    Because of this, I had to put widgets back, but it would be better to have a post aligned centered like how it would be on a page, since its the main content (We are using Organic Response theme, and I already know themes allow this feature to be manipulated in the dashboard, but for pages only.)

    It would be great if anyone knows a plugin, or a code I can work with into the editor of the dashboard.

    More info for this website//
    Homepage (with featured posts:)
    Example of post:
    Vaintino FW

    P.S. I think this question crosses over many topics so I left it in the “Support” section.



    I’m afraid you’re in the wrong forum. This support forum is for free blogs. You appear to have a self-hosted WordPress.ORG install. and are completely separate and different:

    Please visit the support forum for assistance as we won’t be able to help you here: If you don’t already have a username on that forum, click the register button in the upper right corner so you can post in that forum.

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