Controlling images in a Post – include single images a gallery of separate ima

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    Hi everyone

    I have search support/forum & the net to find a solution to this problem but have yet to come across one that works . . .

    . . . I have even gone to this forum thread and carefully followed the instructions, however the problem remains.

    I have put up this post. As you can see I have an image then some text, then two images, some more text and then a gallery of images.

    I DO NOT want the first three individual images to be included in the gallery at the bottom of the post. As I have said – I followed the instructions from a previous forum thread carefully, and with no success (as you can clearly see).

    I KNOW that you cannot insert individual images in a post and they not be included in a slideshow (if you add one). So is this problem just a continuation of this, or is there actually a way to include graphics in a professional layout?

    The blog I need help with is




    “I KNOW that you cannot insert individual images in a post and they not be included in a slideshow”.
    Not correct: you’re confusing inserting with uploading.

    Uploading means sending a copy of a file from your computer to a host. Inserting means displaying the file on a post. The two are independent: you can upload an image to your blog without inserting it in a post, or you can insert it in a post without having uploaded it to your blog.

    There are two ways you can upload an image from your computer to your blog: via Media > Add New (dashboard sidebar), or via the Add Media button of the post/page editor. In the second case, the images are attached to that post or page, while in the first case they aren’t attached to any post or page.

    The WP slideshow in a post displays all the images that are attached to that post, and a gallery in a post normally displays all the images that are attached to that post. That is, all the images you have uploaded via the Add Media button of that post (no matter if you insert them in the post or not).

    So, the one way to exclude some images from showing in a gallery or a WP slideshow is to upload those images via Media > Add New, then insert them via the Add Media button of the editor (clicking Media Library instead of From Computer).

    The other way to exclude some images from showing in a gallery is to use the exclude option in the gallery shortcode (doesn’t apply to the WP slideshow).

    Which one of the two do you need further instructions for?



    thanks for the attachment, I’m hoping that I can avoid having to use shortcode, so I’d like to see what justpi can suggest first :). I’ll get back to you if I go this way however.


    Thank you for defining the differences between upload and insert :)

    If I have read you comment correctly, then I have already followed these instructions as per the thread I referenced here.

    However, to be sure that I read everything correctly, I followed your instructions carefully.

    * In a new post I wrote some text
    * then went to Media > Add New
    * uploaded image 1 (brown sheet)
    * I then went back to the post and opened ‘Add Media’
    * I opened ‘Media Library’ clicked ‘Show’ next to the image I wanted (brown sheet)
    * clicked on ‘Insert into Post’

    * I then added more text to the post
    * then went back to Media > Add New
    * I uploaded 8 images (angels’ wings – Xmas tree)
    * I went back to post and opened ‘Add Media’
    * clicked on ‘Media Library clicked on ‘Show next to each image (one at a time)
    * clicked on ‘Insert into Post

    * I then added the final text to the post
    * then I opened ‘Add Media’
    * I dragged 6 images to the ‘Drop files here’ box
    * clicked on ‘Save all changes’
    * clicked on ‘Insert Slideshow’
    * saved all changes to draft and then published

    Here is the final result

    Have a I missed something? A step or process? I feel like I following the instructions clearly but it wouldn’t be the first time I have been wrong :(

    Can you still help me, please?

    As you can see there are images in the slideshow from the upper section of the post, and these are the images I did not want in the slideshow or gallery.


    I have had another crack . . . this time following the link from iphonist1

    . . . I think it’s worked. Have a look and see what you think.

    It was a bit of a guess as to where to type and exactly what to type, but it seems to be correct !?!

    Thanks for addressing my issue guys – it was really upsetting not to be able to do something that felt like it should be simple :)

    Appreciate your support xoxo



    I wish this same technique worked in Slideshow as I think it looks a lot more professional and ‘polished’ :(



    The steps you described above are correct (only you don’t need all that back and forth). But if you had followed those and only those steps, then the slideshow wouldn’t display all the images. Perhaps you had used the same post for previous experiments?

    I suggest you try once more. Create a new post (Posts > Add New), click Add Media, click Media Library, insert the individual images; then click Add Media, upload the slideshow images from your computer, insert slideshow.

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