Controlling spacing between table columns

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    I have added a table in html to my Get Secure page and attempted to create space between the two columns using cellspacing and cellpadding commands, as well as the table rule to draw gridlines around the two columns. It seems to ignore all of these statements when I view my page after making the update. Do I have this coded incorrectly or are these attributes just not recognized?

    Thank you…

    The blog I need help with is



    Can you post a link to the page you’re describing, or is it not published yet? I wasn’t able to find it on the site linked to your username.



    Here is the link:

    It is unpublished at this point…

    Please let me know if you still cannot access it.




    Can you post the code you’re using in between <code> tags?


    There are two possibilities. One is that the table formatting is not getting saved because you’ve entered some kind of code that is not allowed at (unlikely but possible) or the theme CSS is overriding whatever styling you’re trying to create with the table.

    To add space between the columns on the Get Secured page, try adding this CSS:

    #contact-form-112 {
        padding-left: 40px;

    However, in general, I wouldn’t recommend using tables for layout. It’s not a best practice and can get pretty tricky to manage the code for them using the editor.



    Amen on the Table can be a pain – I use them because I do a fair amount of how-to articles and I want pictures in one column and text in the other that matches to the picture.

    I goofed the other day and did something wrong with a copy and paste to add more rows – what a mess – took me a couple of hours to fix things. If you do use a lot of tables then copy and paste one that is close to what you want to save reinventing the wheel unless you are real good with html etc.


    You are so right about managing the tables…hope I will rid myself of these once I become more knowledgeable about WordPress.

    Nonetheless, thank for the tip on spacing for the custom form. It worked great!!!

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