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    I have tried to change the font on my blog. My stylesheet reads:

    p {
    font-family:Comic Sans MS;

    This changes the font in all instances EXCEPT in the content and the Widget titles.

    Is there something over-riding my CSS, or am I just missing something?

    RE: the widget titles, I have tried this:

    .widgettitle (named by WP) {font-family:Comic Sans MS;
    but that didn’t work. Again I ask the same question about something over-riding my stylesheet.

    PS: The issue is with my new blog only. THat would be:

    Located here



    You haven’t defined it for #sidebar and body. Those fonts are defined in your old CSS sheet and are still taken into account since you don’t change them.

    Hope this helps,


    @ drmike,

    Thanks much Mike! It’s looking much better now.

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