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Conversation Using Only song Lyrics

  1. @Anna way to Break Finish Off the Christmas Theme, lol

    And now I shall Break it Completely

    I took you home
    Set you on the glass
    I pulled off your wings
    Then I laughed
    I watched a change in you
    It's like you never had wings
    Now you feel so alive
    I've watched you change

  2. I beat my machine
    it's a part of me
    it's inside of me

    I'm stuck in this dream
    it's changing me
    I am becoming

  3. Aaaaah.... a one two a one two three .... and ....
    Jingle bellls jingle bellls...

    tee hee
    ducks for cover


    Ok er -

    Chim - chim - in ey chim - chim - in ey
    Chim chim cher - ee
    A sweep is as lucky as lucky can be

  4. And when the rain comes down,
    Will you choose to walk or stay?
    Will you choose to walk?
    Will you choose to stay?
    Will you walk, walk, walk
    Walk away?

  5. I'm singing in the rain
    just singing in the rain

  6. Let it snow
    Let it snow
    Let it snow

    (it's snowed here in my region after 12 years :)

  7. It's raining all over the world.

  8. I gave you the benefit of the doubt
    'til you showed me what you were all about
    your true colours came out .......
    see you, you are so yesterday
    I wont let you rain on my parade

  9. You're not alone
    I am with you
    Though you're apart
    You're always in my heart

  10. I been to hollywood
    I been to redwood
    I been a miner for a heart of gold

  11. In a cavern in a canyon half-way up a mountainside
    lived a miner 49'r and his daughter Clementine

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