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Convert xml to text -- products?

  1. I've downloaded a few products that claim to convert .xml to text but even after they say it's converted, I can't seem to work with them. The products are Altova (a few different products) and Stylus Studio.

    Does anyone know how to convert .xml files with these or any other products? I basically want a file of my blog posts and comments with nothing else.

    Something tells me I'm looking to do something that can't be done. I've spent the past 24 hours looking for ways to do it, even emailing Altova who has not answered, before posting here. just wondering if anyone knows a good way to do this.


  2. You want to get all the posts and comments from your blog into - basically - a textfile?

  3. Yes, basically.

  4. I am not an xml-specialist- but web code surely isn't xml. Xml is a metalanguage, and defines sets for other languages. At least that's how I've understood it. Some more brains will surely pop up soon :-)

  5. I export the blog and what I get is an .xml file. That is what I'm trying to work with.

  6. singularcontiguity

    As I understand it, the export gives you an xml file in a wordpress-specific layout. Unless you find a tool that understands that layout, the only other ways I know to deal with it involve doing a bit programming.

  7. ah. None of the converter tools talk about that (layout). hmmm....

  8. singularcontiguity

    Based on this faq entry, there's an outside chance you could get at the information you want using a tool that understands RSS 2.0. It depends on how well the tool copes with the "extensions" to the format (aka layout).

  9. If you use Altova and the others, you'll need to write XSL/XSLT (XML Stylesheet Language) file to perform the translation between XML and text. It's pretty simple to do and there's lot of examples out there, but it requires a little XSL coding.

  10. singularcontiguity & jameswelch - as I understand it, you have to write a small script spesific to the wordpress file language and tags? (taking the opportunity to sneak some knowledge out of you :)

  11. singularcontiguity

    I thought it sounded like an XSLT job, but its one of those languages I haven't gotten around to fiddling with yet.

  12. singularcontiguity

    boblets - That's pretty much it. It can be done in any of a number of languages, depending on what you're familiar with and how much effort you want to go through.

    By the way, when I look at the source for the pages that wordpress serves, they're generating XHTML, which means that the web pages are actually (a specific dialect of) XML. Other than the fact that web browsers happen to be what understands XHTML, it's really not fundamentally different than SVG, or MathML, or the WordPress export format, or any other dialect of XML that's out there.

    Here's a way to think about it: like a lot of other people, I speak English. If you look at my blog, though, you'll find quite a bit of vocabulary that most people don't have. People who talk about economics, or art theory, or hockey, or any of a whole bunch of other things have additional words that they use all the time, but they're still speaking English. XML is a bit like English in this analogy, while XHTML and the other dialects are XML with the special vocabulary.

  13. Ah, yes, I'm with you, and many thanks! (- but english is not a meta-language! ;-) -yet! )
    xml is elastic yet 'strict' in that you define your own syntax/tags, and to strip the file of that, I think you can do that in excel or somesuch. I think.

  14. I was a programmer in another life (before I was a lawyer and a therapist). I really hate to do it anymore or get familiar with new things.

    I just wanted to run it through a transmogrifier and viola! a text file.

    Are their any places that do this conversion thing? It would be a great gig.

  15. Well - again, I'm no expert, but try a search on xml convert with excel. It might turn out that the easiest is to spend an hour surfing for the best, readymade script, though.
    I'm not sure, but I think the point here is that xml can be userdefined. If your output is pure xhtml, it should be easier to find a solution.

  16. Thanks. I spent most of yesterday on this and can't seem to find a solution. I might be overlooking something but I can't seem to figure it out. Altova hasn't answered. I think their products can probably do this but I'm not using them correctly and/or can't find the right script to run. It feels like a "so close but so far" issue. Thanks for the replies.

  17. I'm taking a bit of a guess here, but if it's an XML export, could you not download a WP template from and import the XML into that? This would give you a blog on your desktop. Not 100% sure that would work, but something to think about.

  18. singularcontiguity

    For future reference, there's an interesting solution to this problem in this thread.

  19. What about under Settings --> reading , putting a very large amount of posts per page, say 100 or more, and then from the browser(firefox) just save as text or html, and microsoft word could open either the text or html file.

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