Converted Tag to Category -still appears as Tag on Posts?

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    I had a tag that was associated with quite a number of posts and decided to convert it to a category via the Dashboard>Manage>Import>Categories and Tags Converter.

    After converting it to a Category, the former tag appears correctly on my Archives Page (“what you saw”) as a Category, but is still appearing on the individual Posts as a tag and not a Category. I logged out and did the cookie dance (not the hokey-pokey) and emptied my browser cache, but the new category still shows up on Posts as a tag.

    Not really a problem, I guess, but am just trying to get my head wrapped around the reason why it wouldn’t show as a Category on Posts.

    Any thoughts?


    My guess is that the conversion cannot alter the code of posts already published (just as changing the media settings won’t, either).



    Yup, panaghiotisadam, you would be correct. (sigh) Just published a new post and it’s in the right spot.

    I’m also assuming that I can’t go back and remove the old tag myself, because the old tag no longer exists as a tag. Oh well…

    And I’ve just made an interesting discovery-there now seems to be images in my RSS feed.



    Let me correct that last statement, the images themselves do not show, only the image file name.



    And the tag now appears as a Category on the individual posts, so either it just needed time to sort itself out in the database, or the powers-that-be read this thread and did some behind-the-scenes work. Either way, I’m thankful.



    Sometimes things that are assumed not to work retroactively, like avatars and linking your blog to your name, do work retroactively but it takes quite some time.


    Raincoaster is right: my test tag-turned-category also shows in previous posts now.

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