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Converting a blog to a one.

  1. I'm not sure if I am posting this in the right place, and if I am not I apologize in advance.

    I currently have a blog on Eventually I may want to get my own host and use What are my options when it comes to converting my current blog over seamlessly?

  2. A good place to start would be this thread!


  3. Do remember of course that the regular wordpress software is just that, just the basic software. You'll have to add in any themes, plugins and widgets that you want.

  4. Trent - Thank you I'll look that over.

    drmike - Understood. I guess my main concern would be once I export everything over would I be able to redirect my visitors without them being too aware?

  5. Since you are using right now, you would have to just make a static post stating that you have moved. Just create a new "page" and state that information on it. Once you have done that you would just go to your Admin => Options => Reading and change the static page to the one you created.

    If you don't mind me suggesting it, depending on whether you are leaving right away or say 'in a years time', why not just register a domain name and host here with and domain map that domain. That will give your visitors time to get used to the domain name versus your current address and when you finally move over to your own hosting, the domain will head over there and your visitors will not know the difference!

    Problem would be if you want to move quickly and then the first suggestion would be better for you! When I moved over from self-hosting to I just brought my domain names over and it was seemless for my visitors. If I ever head back to self-hosting, it is the same. All URL's are the same when you use a domain name!

    Hope that helps!


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