Converting an existing blog from TypePad Word Press on own domain

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    I’ve been using TypePad Pro for my blog for the past 6 weeks. As a designer, I get frustrated by the lack of WYSIWIG and other editing post-editing features. I have my own domain name which currently points (domain-mapping) to the TypePad URL site.

    Question: I don’t want to lose my subcribers and other links to me (on my domain). Is it worth the trouble to move over to WordPress? And is the only big change just changing the pointer on my domain from TypePad to WordPress? Are there other consequences that would cause me to lose subscribers, links, etc.? Or, because I’m not changing the domain name of my blog, does that mean I wouldn’t lose them?

    Would Feedburner, etc. be affected?





    If you can move the domain from Typepad to, it shouldn’t be an issue. I don’t know who does your DNS service with Typepad (I do webhosting and have a single Moveable Type install but they contract out their support so I really know little about it) but you can lessen the impact by decreasing the SOA refresh, expire, and minimum TTL values as much as you can. Say to about 4 hours and do it a few days ahead. That way your visitors would only be stuck with seeing your old site for a max of 4 hours after you moved.

    Feedbruner would be affected but it would probably just mean changing the URL of the RSS feed on their backend. The URL that you hand out should remain the same.

    Not sure how Typepad does their links and articles. At the very least, you’re going to have to go through and manually check stuff like that. That would be the case no matter where you moved.

    Best bet would be to give it a try before moving the domain. When you import from a Typepad site, it doesn’t delete your old site. You can import and see what works and what you would have to work on.

    Hope this helps,

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