Converting an existing list to a collapsable list

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    I have a list of links in an article that is getting rather lengthy!

    I’d like to be able to “collapse” sections to make it easier for the reader.

    Now, I know I can do this with jQuery – but I have not found out how to use jQuery on!

    The blog I need help with is


    The code need to do collapsable lists (jQuery, javascript, PHP) is not allowed here at wordpress.COM for security reasons.



    I know this isn’t what you want but pagination (next page) may be workable.


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    This is not what you are asking either, but perhaps this could work:
    a scrollbox



    @ronblaisdell, it would be immensely helpful to the forum volunteers if you could provide a link to the blog in question or link your username to your blog.

    Why not make the links a separate page (child page if you don’t want it visible) and simply link to it?

    (BTW-someone a long time ago posted how to do this with CSS, but of course that requires the CSS upgrade.)



    Thanks everyone, the page is located at:

    I’m all for custom CSS … I was just hoping that by now we had moved a bit forward and had started supporting some of the major Javascript libraries – jQuery, or YUI, etc.

    So, I am still open for suggestions.



    I’m sorry but we cannot use Javascript, jQuery, or YUI, etc. and that means we are all of of suggestions.



    Just my observation – I don’t find your page bad to read and drop down lists for the month would not add functionality that would be real important to me as a user that stops by to get the monthly news letter – that is not high usage.

    just my $ .035 worth (allowing for inflation)

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