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Converting mp3 to 44.1

  1. I discovered that my mp3 isn't playing because it's not in 44.1 format, but in 22.050. How can I convert it to 44.1 format?

  2. I am no audio expert by any means but I have seen this software out there:

    Best thing is it's a free and open source. What you are wanting to do is resample your mp3. It's pretty powerful. Hope that helps. I also found a thread here that someone used it successfully as well:

    p.s. You should also add "Let the Nations Be Glad!" by Piper to your list of Recommended Reading in the Evangelism/Missions section...great book :)

  3. Actually, I discovered an unused software on my computer that was provided by courtesy of Creative called "Creative Audio Converter." It's one of those softwares that just sat in my computer but never used. Thanks, however, for the help.

    You are correct about "Let The Nations Be Glad." It has been added.


  4. Even better. Glad you got it working.

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