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    I need to convert several months of blog set up in PAGES into POSTS in order to archive it. I want to do this without sending many notices to subscribers of New POSTs. I can do the cut and paste and publish using the SECRET mode for POST but how do I uncover it as PUBLISHED without bombarding unsuspecting subscribers with multiple e-mails??? (Sorry for all the caps but I think this problem has me jangled enough that I need them to keep track of the process.)
    Thanks for any help. Right now the site is maybe half archived.

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    Hi Zhen,

    I’m afraid it isn’t possible to temporarily turn off blog subscriptions. However, there is one other alternative that may require a bit of legwork, but should prevent subscribers to your blog from receiving notification emails.

    To begin, create a new blog by logging into your WordPress account and heading over to

    Then, copy your pages as posts to this new blog site. Once you’ve transferred all of the content, you can Import all of these posts to your original blog by following the instructions on this page:

    Subscribers do not receive a notification email when a blog owner imports content to his or her blog. Once your upload is complete, you should be all set :)

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