Why aren't my Gravatar hovercards working?

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    Hello wp. I have read http://en.support.wordpress.com/gravatar-hovercards/ + http://www.aboutcookies.org/Default.aspx?page=2 but cannot find the cookie nohovercard. I think I remember testing the feature off at some point but could there be another reason why it stopped working? Another plugin conflict? Testing, I disabled plugin W3 Total Cache Version but it does not seem to be the cause. Also checked with original “comment-template.php” (as I have it slightly modified) but it does not seem to be the cause neither. Any idea what the real ‘bug is’? Not the latest WordPress 3.1.3. version I suppose? I am happy to share my list of plugins if you wish. Many thanks in advance for your support highly appreciated.
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    Can you give us some more context here? What are you actually trying to do?


    Sorry Ranh, I wish to have the Gravatar hover effect (from JetPack plugin Gravatar Hovercards) http://blog.gravatar.com/2010/10/06/gravatar-hovercards-on-wordpress-com/ working. It used to work when I installed it and then it stopped for some reason. For example, on thin post comment (Domino) http://diethylstilbestrol.co.uk/toolbar/#comment-96 I cannot see the Gravatar hover effect on my PC.


    More info: If I go into
    Admin => Settings => Discussion => Avatars
    Box ticked “View people’s profiles when you mouse over their Gravatars”
    and I do “Put your mouse over your Gravatar to check out your profile.”

    I CAN see the hove effect (in admin)

    But on the front side, I CANNOT see it http://diethylstilbestrol.co.uk/toolbar/#comment-96 see (Domino) Gravatar hover effect not working on my PC



    It appears to be working properly.

    Keep in mind that if the user does not have a Gravatar profile, the hovercard animation will display, but no profile card will appear.


    Dear macmanx
    1. Many thanks for checking my site and for taking the time to reply.
    2. IF you are confirming that YOU can see it at your end, this is very good news and the more important; because I don’t display the Gravatars on the site for myself but for the visitors.
    3. FYI, two people in my house WITH a Gravatar profile can NOT see it, NEITHER on a Vista IE9, NOR Vista Firefox, NOR XP IE8, NOR XP Firefox…
    4. This is why I started (see comment # 1) by looking for the cookie nohovercard from the domain .wordpress.com as recommended here http://en.support.wordpress.com/gravatar-hovercards/ ” To re-enable Hovercards that have been disabled with the Turn off hovercards option you will need to delete the cookie nohovercard from the domain .wordpress.com.”
    5. What I see here (when hovering with the mouse over the Gravatar) is a tiny circle (turning clockwise) during 4-5 seconds but not the Hovercard…
    6. Any suggestion please on how to fix this?
    Thanks again



    I can see the animation, but not the profile card, because the commenter (Domino) doesn’t have a Gravatar profile. This is normal.


    Well, the commenter profile was here http://en.gravatar.com/desdaughter but you made me think to check the email adress… in WP & Gravatar… Now solved… Many thanks for your patience and very prompt support. Very glad all works well. cheers



    You’re welcome!

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