Cookies, slow down time, other problems tonight

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    Anyone else noticing a lot of problems tonight? isn’t staying logged in on my computer. It’s being REAAAAALY slow.



    I’ve noticed for a couple of days that I keep on getting kicked out of WordPress. But also, if I comment on this forum, then I have to log back in to my blog to post something. But tonight is also very slow too.



    It’s been going on for several days, it’s a pain in the butt and getting very tiresome.. My understanding is, was going to add a few additional features and somehow they really messed up the server…

    I have avoided complaining because it is after all, a FREE server, so, what do you expect, right??

    But when the people at advertise quality and don’t, or can’t deliver it, it becomes pretty aggravating after a week or so…

    I’m in the process of setting up a new blog on a totally different server, just doing the ground work because I am hoping will get their act together because I really prefer their format over Blogspot…

    But if this BS goes on for another week, I’ll move everything to Blogspot and be done with this no working crap…



    Blogger blows! I left there because they had my blog categorized as a spam blog. After six months, they did this?? Then all my posts disappeared too. They never write anyone back that has a big huge blog. I heard they only write back to small blogs. But I did get a letter finally from them after I left. I guess they were happy that I left. lol Blogger has lots of problems.



    texasfred, you mention switching from WordPress to Blogger. Is there a way to move your existing posts from WordPress over to Blogger, the way that there is an import function to switch from Blogger to WordPress? WordPress has a significantly better featureset than Blogger, but if the instability and unreliability continues then I will think about switching to a new service. What would keep me from doing that would be the lack of an automated system to switch.



    Last time I looked, Blogger didn’t have any import features at all (things may have changed since, but I doubt it). If you have a lot of posts and you want out, your best option is to find a paid host and install wordpress there — many hosts can install it automatically for you — and do a search on this forum for how to import your posts with RSS.

    But if you insist on automation you’re locked in, at least for the time being.



    Yeah, has better features, when they work…

    Contact from Blogger?? Have you had any contact from Other than a couple of sarcastic responses from a moderator, I haven’t..

    Yeah, I know, it’s free and you get what you pay for but if you are gonna play *geek* and go to messing with the server, you need to actually be a *geek* and know what you’re doing…

    And no, Blogger doesn’t have an import feature… But at least for now, it works as advertised…

    And every problem I had with Blogger in the past WAS addressed, and I had a big blog… Even now, on, I am ranked #173 on The Truth Laid Bear… Not too bad for a retired guy and a hobby…

    I really want to see get it back together, I really like some of the features they have that Blogger doesn’t have, but when I can’t access my own blog, it gets a little frustrating..



    texasfred – who was sarcastic? when? The site is now back to normal and running very fast again! :)



    I doubt it’s fixed. I’m still having issues with WordPress, mainly accessing my dashboard, over here in Australia. maybe it’s a geographic thing, eh?

    maybe. *scratches chin*



    1. General “slow” tendencies.
    2. Log-in issue from blog and

    Gosh…i wish these things get solved as soon as possible!!!


    Everything’s running smoothly again for me.



    Yeah, the whole site was painfully slow the last few days, but it seems rather speedy now. Probably just the usual stuff. I did yard work.



    Everything is running great for me as well…..Hopefully I didn’t just jynx myself…cause I do have a tendency to do that. ;)



    It’s NOT fixed, and to say it is would be a lie…

    The graph is still messed up, I get the weird thing dating back to 2004 I believe it is, I STILL have to log in every time I want to do ANYTHING, including post a comment on my blog, the blue bar at the top is gone along with the *Next* blog button and I STILL get security warnings from MY computer every time I try to post, and that’s something that never happened before took on this ill-guided foray into so-called improvement…

    If this has been an improvement of WP, I’d hate to see what WP calls a F***up…



    @texasfred: drmike, the moderator, isn’t actually an employee of and has nothing to do with their technical problems, so his ‘sarcastic responses’ can’t be counted as contact with the powers-that-be. Sorry about that. And I’m sure that the people who say their blogs are running smoothly again aren’t lying. They’re probably just on different servers to you.

    (It’s ever so tempting to call you an ungrateful whiner, but I’ve whined enough myself for that to be a little bit hypocritical.)



    You think you have problems? I can’t even log in to my blog at all! I have changed my password five times, and every new password fails to work. The last time I logged in, I had the bogus stats graph, too. And numerous other little things were going haywire. But now it doesn’t matter, because I can’t even log in to post anything. And there is no one to contact. This has been going on for two days now.

    I know this is free, but if I can’t even log in, it doesn’t matter much, now, does it?



    I was reading on other treads that such problems could be due to a browser issue.

    so I loaded my IE, and found that I still can’t access my blog.

    Firefox keeps telling me that it’s “Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.”

    so I thought that maybe it’s an issue with my laptop. tried the same thing at my comp labs over at uni? same issue.

    help! I want to blog! so that I can rant and rave about WP and the issues I’m being plagued with, and hopefully how good and wonderful their support system is. (=



    If you can’t login to access the feedback form, all I can suggest is emailing automattic direct through their contact form. Good luck.



    wank: hee hee, you funny (that to your 2nd to last post)



    Terryansimon – my problem (Firefox redirect error) is exactly the same as yours so I share your pain.

    However, I am somewhat relieved that another user has exactly the same problem as me. I thought I was the only one affected and starting to get a little paranoid.

    I am out of ideas and have grabbed another WP blog although I sincerely hope it doesn’t come to that.

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