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    The Dashboard is getting *worse*, Matt has added more clutter. Sigh.



    Actually there are a lot of responses in the negative as well. I think also if you look at the positives there is nearly always a “but” after it.



    rooster, can you give some specifics? All I know in my sinus-drugged state is that I’m not using Dashboard for anything at all, whereas I used to use it from time to time.



    IDK, I use to like the old one, I could get all the info in a first look, now I have to go into the comments to moderate, IDK maybe im just lazy, but im getting use to it.



    i hope the wp team is reading this; an obvious indication we prefer the old dashboard if not anything else.



    I believe wordpress syadmin are reading both threads From what I have read in both threads folks who blog a lot have strongly articulated what they do and do not want and common ground can be quite readily isolated.
    I also believe that the proposed dashboard is actually “a work in progress” and rather than despairing, we should be rising to greet the opportunity to be an integral part of the design process with enthusiasm and maturity. :P
    That being said, I admit that deep down inside I’m communicating with a bawling baby struggling with separation anxiety, who wants her old dashboard back … boo hoo… :(



    Well, mee too, what I mostly want is the links to me in Google Blog Search, cause I cant remember what to put in the search to see who links to me, it was much easier in the old one, I miss the side bar in the right, where I had my new comments, and my linking blogs :(

    does anyone remember what I have to put in google blog search? Link: URL ?



    There have been some additional improvements that indicate how responsive wordpress sysadmin are to feedback on this “work in progress” dashboard.
    (1) The incoming links display was immediately reinstated – Yay!
    (2) The added labeling in the right hand column with a specific blog name indicating the blog the activity relates to is also an improvement – Yes!
    (3) The new stats layout and extra information provided are nothing short of super cool!
    My inner child is no longer bawling, although she’s still pouting about all that space being given to “hot” stuff. She doesn’t even look at it, it’s duplicated on the main page and she wants to colour it ALL gone.
    So, fellow bloggers, on the dashboard issue, how goes it with your inner child?



    “So, fellow bloggers, how goes it with your inner child?”

    *sob* they broke my toy! *sob*



    Well, My inner child got herself a new toy and has got herself set up here… using the software because she really really likes, but really really really wants better stats and more flexibility than we are able to have here.

    Seriously, stats don’t tell me anything more than how many views a post got and when. I don’t know why. I don’t even know who looked at which post and for how long. They show some referrers but not all of them. I now have a couple of new stats trackers on my new blog (including Google Analytics – yay!) that show me detail I could only dream of.Because now, of course, I can add the javascript code to my template/s.

    And I still hate that the “Hot Stuff” is bang in the middle of my current blog dashboard… I can’t help but see it and it feels like it’s too in my face…just irritating. It’s MY Dashboard and I just want to see “MY stuff.” It wasn’t broken, why did they have to fiddle with it?



    They’re still tweaking it.

    I do like the fact that they moved the Stats button over right next to the Dashboard button. I use that the most; now to get them to make the Stats button visible from all admin screens!

    But I’m not a huge fan of the vertical layout, and it does seem to encorporate a lot of repetition. There’s also some kind of glitch, either here or at Google, because last week it shows all my Gawker comments as incoming links; this week it hasn’t counted any of them. Strangeness.

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