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    Just a note–I would like to be part of CoPromote but I dislike the way they complicate the issue. “Sign up–it’s free” is followed by an upgrade sale and then a connection to Facebook Twitter etc which is more complicated because they are looking for connections to pages. I am already connected to Facebook, so what exactly can CoPromote do for me? Apparently little or nothing.

    The blog I need help with is



    If you are satisfied with your publicize options on, then I wouldn’t bother with copromote.



    I’d avoid it. I signed up out of curiosity, since it’s a feature within WordPress and I figured that was sufficient endorsement. Apparently not.

    To make CoPromote work for you, you have to promote other people’s stories. The trouble is, 99% of what’s on there is spam, nonsense, or automatically generated links. I’ve had a promotion running for ten days, not seen a single thing that I could promote to my own social networks with any integrity, and thus I have no ‘free traffic’ to my own story.

    I’ve rarely seen such a useless service, to be honest.



    I’m not a huge fan of it personally. But some are. And that is okay.

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