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Copy & Paste Text On Blog

  1. Hi there. This question is probably redundant. Is there a setting I need to change to make text in my posts copy & pasteable? I want my blog visitors to be able to copy and paste text from the posts into their comments, but right now that's not possible. How do I enable that? Thanks for any help.

  2. thistimethisspace

    I don't understand why your posts cannot be copied and pasted. All blog posts are. Please provide a link to your blog so we can see what's going on.

  3. What's your blog? Please give us a link so we can look at it. Unless it's entirely published as a JPEG file it should be copy and pasteable.

  4. Thanks for the help. My blog is at When I attempt to highlight the text in posts I see the cursor change to an x - not possible thingy. I don't think it's any of my browser settings. I kind of threw it all together quickly. Copy and pasted a lot of my post text from Wordpad. I probably should have used notepad. Thanks again.

  5. Works for me.

    Firefox Home Premium.

  6. word and wordpad both will copy formatting. I might edit it, copy the contents into notepad and then copy it back.


  7. When I highlight the text in the posts on this forum, however, I have no problems at all. I'm stumped.

  8. @ trent

    I thought about trying that. I also copied and pasted text directly from my blog stats and I'm getting the same trouble. It's probably some kind of formatting problem. I just figured I'd see any of the extraneous formatting in the Code view.

  9. I can't copy the text there either using IE6. Very odd. There must be some strange tags...check the stats list you put in; that must have been copied from teh web page and they might have snuck in there.

  10. I hate to beat a dead horse here, but the text in the comments section is also unhighlightable for me. I entered my own comments through the default comment text editor and I'm assuming my commenters did also. Could this possibly be related to the Presentation package I'm using? Thanks.

  11. thistimethisspace

    No problem here with windows xp - media center edition - firefox
    Edit: I tried both posts and comments - no problem. I don't think it's theme dependent either (Contempt).

  12. @ thistimethisspace

    Ah, it must be IE then. I've tried IE from work and from home and have had the same trouble. I like Firefox, but I'm kind of a creature of habit. I'm still not sure why I cruise along just fine on other people's blogs on this site with IE. I'll sleep on it and go back to the drawing board.

  13. thistimethisspace

    Good luck.

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