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    i was using the ‘copy a post’ option of the new ‘writing helper’ thingies; and it’s working great. but i noticedthat the tags that used to have spaces (example: “dragon age”) were now hyphenated (“dragon-age”). does that make any difference with the tags? i mean, are they both the same thing, or do i have to go back and correct all of them to have spaces?


    The blog I need help with is



    We cannot confirm what you are seeing as you failed to provide an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question. Suffice to say that there is no space allowed in any URLs and the – (dash) is required where there is a space.



    the form to create a new post has a slot that states which blog i’m writing about. i thought that was sufficient to point to the blog in question. sorry.

    i am not asking about an url. i’m asking about the post tags.

    when i enter a tag for a new post it is “dragon age”.
    when i copy a post, the new tag is “dragon-age”.

    are these treated as the same, identical tag, or are they two different tags?

    while asking about hyphens and spaces, may i also ask about capitalization?

    dragon age
    Dragon Age

    all different tags or the same one?

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