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    Is there a way to copy an article from one location and paste it into my blog box for a new post? When I right click inside the blog post box, I don’t get the option to paste.

    The blog I need help with is


    Instead of Right-Click, have you tried Ctrl-V after you place the cursor in the text box?


    I need help, not able to change the url of my blog a week, please does anyone have a suggestion?


    notawoodpecker – thank you very much, that worked. Never new about that one – you learn something new every day!


    There’s a whole list of keyboard shortcuts out there. I’m not sure why mouse clicks fail sometimes, but whenever I have a problem, I revert to the keyboard shortcuts.



    The tool is temporarily disabled and when Staff have reactivated it you will be able to use it. All you have to do is be patient. Luckily not being able to use it does not prevent your form blogging.


    A yes, so because this is actually disabled? problem may be the wordpress site?
    I really have to wait to see it coming back? There are other people with the same problem?
    I thought the site was preventing me from doing this?
    Please answer me. thank you timeyhief



    Just look around the forum. There are twenty or so threads on this.


    hi is because I do not know much diss here, you know. Thank you

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