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    I am new here and have searched the forums for the answer to my dilemma. Although some discussions touch on this topic, I don’t see a clear answer. I have a fashion blog and I want to be able to post pictures of designers, new looks, celebrities wearing certain designers, looks I want to comment on out of online catalogs… etc. How do I copy and paste images legally and correctly? Do I copy and paste the URL from the location that I got the image from below the image….is that all it takes? I am so tired of trying to figure this out that I went ahead and did a post on Lady Gaga and linked it to the website I retrieved it from. If that’s wrong then I will remove it.

    The blog I need help with is



    1) cutting and pasting isn’t legal
    2) cutting and pasting doesn’t work.

    The legal position is that you must get permission in writing from the copyright owner before you can use images. Then you can download them from their site, upload them into your site, and put them in your post, usually with credit. Credit can be given either by text, eg “photo by Goron” with a link to the source website OR you can link the image to the source website.

    The practice, which is widespread but not technically legal, is to download the image, upload it to your website, use it in your post with proper credit as above, but without getting permission first. Never, ever forget the link to the source site.



    Under “images (free sources)” there are 71 free sources of images listed on this page. Be sure to read and comply with the terms of use on the sites you visit and use images from.

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