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    trying to copy and paste 61 pages from Microsoft Word. Some unresolvable format issue always happens. Im not going to rewrite it onto your write page, or edit every single line

    The blog I need help with is



    You have a couple of options:

    – Upload the Microsoft Word file and embed in a blog or page. Here is information on uploading documents to WordPress:

    – If you have a Microsoft OneDrive account, you can upload your document there and embed your Microsoft Word document in your WordPress post. Here’s more information:

    – Lastly, you could copy and paste as Plain Text into the Post/Page Editor. Here are instructions:

    Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions!



    @rriederr – MSWord might be great for word processing, but not for writing HTML blog posts because of formatting issues. (Word injects junk code.)

    In addition to the options that @seasonschangecc gave you, newer versions of Word (2007 and newer) do have an option to publish directly to your WordPressdotcom website. You can find information about that here: along with a list of other offline editors, including the WordPress desktop app, that will work if you don’t have a newer version of Word.


    @justjennifer thanks for sharing that awesome option! :)



    Thank you for both of your posts. I will try your helpful suggestions.



    Not working.
    don’t want to have to go through all this just to share a document online.
    thanks anyway.
    I have filled the DRAFTS file with dozens of unsuccessful attempts, and cannot even delete them. This will never work.
    The problem is persistent no matter what I do: PLAIN TYPE option doesn’t keep my table of contents (with page numbers) from appearing scrambled on the PREVIEW page.
    ADD MEDIA toolbar option just gives a link to a document -it won’t download the copy onto the edit page.
    And having to use OneDrive is too much BS; I don’t want to put this on their servers. I just want to cut and paste from my word processor onto a blog page.



    @rriederr I understand this is frustrating especially since you expect a different outcome to the one you received.

    If you are copying/pasting from Word directly into the Post Editor, try NOT using the “paste as text” option. The WP software will try to clean up the code from Word, but in my experience it will not be formatted exactly as in a Word document (because Word is not an HTML editor).

    I know the above is probably not going to meet your needs, but those are the only options we have for working with Word.

    Perhaps you’d consider converting your Word document to a PDF and embedding it instead?

    As far as deleting your DRAFTS you can go here: and there is a button on the bottom at the right for each post to be sent to Trash and after 30 days those deleted posts will be permanently deleted.



    thanks, justjennifer, for pointing out all the relevant links available. I guess you could say my issue is resolved, but only because I resolved to post even though it will take several days of herculean tediosity. It helps to now be able to navigate the drafts feature.
    -rriederr out



    p.s. I think this blogsite has powerful and good quality features. Thanks.



    You’re welcome. If you have any other question about using WordPressdotcom, please do start a new thread as this one’s gotten quite long so I’ll close it out. :) You can start a new thread either in the dashboard contact form like before or here:

    Other resources for self-help in solving the mysteries here:
    Five Leads for Self-Help with

    Best wishes

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