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    I have so much written over the past 3 years! I would love to just copy and paste some of my writtings in my blog.
    Buit it seems that feture is not poss.? I wonder what I am doing wrong or is it that you have a block against that feature?
    Ken Boyer




    What is it written in currently? I have never had a problem just cutting and pasting into the WP write window.


    Ken –

    Copy and paste works without flaw with wordpress. I am not sure that any problem could occur if you just highlight the text you want to copy, press ctrl & c, and then go the your posting page in admin and press ctrl & v.


    Only problem might be if you’re copy n pasting from a MS product (word, wordpad, notepad, frontpage et al) – in that case you may get so much extraneous garbage that your operation just won’t work.

    If that’s all you have to use, go grab this freebie: notepad2 from – and use it as your “in-between” to help clean up the garbage before pasting into your write area.



    Thanks palydebate!
    I was having trouble with copy/paste and your solution worked.



    There’s a good way to copy-and-paste from Microsoft Word to WordPress using Alt-B to bring up the advanced menu and selecting “paste from Word”



    I generally paste it into Notepad or something similar, then copy that and paste it into WordPress. Then you have to add italics and bold, but it’s otherwise very clean.



    Yeah, I used to prefer using a plain text editor to WORD too. But now I use BlogDesk and I can do all the formatting in that program and have it published to my blog looking exactly the way I wanted it too with no need to add anything or to edit.



    Is anyone having trouble copying and pasting into the WordPress editor? I am trying to do so using ctrl + v, like I always do. Right click paste doesn’t work. I cleared my cache, which didn’t help.



    Yes. I’ve had a weird sometimes-it-happens-sometimes-it-doesn’t error off and on for three days now. I try ctrl V, nada. I try right click paste, nothing. As I recall, I brought up notebook, used the Edit…Paste function, it worked okay there and from then on it worked fine. No idea why that would be happening OR if it’s the same thing as is happening to you.



    Thanks for the input Rain. Maybe I’ll try that.



    @velvethammer and rain
    May I please make a suggestion. Download BlogDesk it’s free and it’s easy to use. It’s completely compatible with wordpress and using the editor is really intuitive. It has a built in Technorati tagging system. You can compose your post, do all the formatting in it and publish from it directly to your blog. You can also upload posts as drafts for later date publication. It has never failed me and it has never failed drmike.

    BlogDesk will remove all the extra msWORD coding and the text eill enter your blog with correct html.

    BTW copy on a windows OS is select text then click ctrl c simulataneously.
    Then place your cursor where you want to paste it then click ctrl v simulataneously. I’m mentioning this only because you two didn’t mention the ctrl c part above.



    I actually keep a text editor open when taking content out of another program (like WORD). I will:

    1. CTRL-A (select all) from WORD
    2. CTRL-C (copy) from WORD
    3. CTRL-V (paste) into text editor (NOTEPAD say)
    4. CTRL-A (select all) from NOTEPAD
    5. CTRL-C (copy) from NOTEPAD
    6. CTRL-V (paste) into WordPress Editor

    That takes all the formatting out and just puts it into the wordpress editor as normal text. Seems like I am crazy doing this, but I can actually accomplish that entire process in 5-10 seconds ;)




    /nod to Trent
    Great instructions. :)
    I used to do exactly that before I downloaded BlogDesk.


    I thought BlogDesk was a good idea but it doesn’t mention Macs. Has anyone cut and pasted from this app using a Mac, please?




    @trent: Why don’t you just type straight into Notepad or similar?

    @bp: Blogdesk is a “complete” blogging solution. It will connect directly to your blog and let you write posts offline and hit the publish button. There’s no need to cut and paste from the application. As long as there’s a Mac version it should work no problem. HTH!



    Just saw your reply re Blogdesk. Just to confirm, it has no Mac version. Their web site states:
    “You can install and run BlogDesk under Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME and XP.”
    I downloaded anyway and it’s an .exe file.
    Shame. Sounded good.


    For Mac’s, I’m using ecto which is very similar to blogdesk, and I have been very happy with it. It’s not free, but at $17.95, it won’t break the bank either.



    Another option for transferring, although it may not apply here, is to export the old to an .xml file, then import that .xml file to the new blog.

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