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copy block

  1. Na witrynie która chodzi na chciałbym zablokować możliwość kopiowania ponieważ chciałbym umieścić tam książkę. Czy istnieje taka możliwość ?

    The site that comes to
    if you can copy text block?
    I would like to place the book.
    Is there a possibility?


    I'm sorry but my English is at a basic level

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Other than English, WordPress.COM forums are available in many other languages.

  3. Why it wasn`t my language on this list ? Polnish ?

  4. I'm sorry but we do not have Polish speaking forums.

  5. So maybe you will help me in this forum.

  6. I will try to understand what you want to do. Please explain it to me.

  7. I think you are asking to install a script to disable right clicking. if that is what you mean we cannot do that here. It does not work anyway because anyone can go to Google and find out how to get around it. You need to watermark images instead.

  8. The Duotone theme has right click disabled on it.

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