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    Copy source code button is not appearing in any of the source code in my pages . It was working before few days and disappeared suddenly.
    Ex page:

    The blog I need help with is



    The copy button was removed in the latest syntax highlighter library.

    Instead, code that is highlighted and copied like normal text will be copied properly. Previously, it wasn’t, which is why the separate button was required.



    If i copy like a normal text and paste it breaks the formatting completely.
    Ex: Copy the sql source code from
    and paste in notepad. You will find that the format is completely broken. Also why did wordpress remove print button



    I just pasted all of the code into the Mac’s Text Edit application with no loss in formatting, so perhaps the issue lies in Notepad or IE somewhere? Would you please try a different browser and a different text editor?

    Also, I notice that you’re using IE 8. Updating to at least IE 9, which has better support for things like this, might help.

    The print button was removed by the developer of the syntax highlighter library that we use. I’m not sure why, but probably with the new copy system, it wasn’t necessary.



    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    It works well in Firefox and IE10.
    Seems to be a problem with IE 8 and lesser version.
    Challenge for me is most of the visitors to my websites are using IE8 or lesser.
    I can’t expect everyone to update IE to copy my code or visit my website.
    Wordpress should have checked all the browsers before removing copy button 
    It’s not just my website, there are many other websites hosted in wordpress which are facing the same issue. Can you please bring that copy button back? (Or) check if you can do anything in wordpress to fix the formatting.



    Nothing prior to IE9 is maintained, so you should update your browser. The number of people using those older browsers is so few that they are not generally catered to.



    I have checked in IE9 and it doesn’t work in IE9 as well.
    I am surprised that you are expecting every user who browse blogs hosted in WordPress to be in IE10.
    Wordpress should have tested the functionality with at least the top browsers before they removed the copy button. Now it is affecting 100’s of sites including mine.
    Are you expecting every user to upgrade to a browser which is released before 6 months?
    You have to think about backward compatibility

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