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    Hi, I would like to move the blog of my GF from to a selfhosted wp but I want to keep the look the same. I already downloaded the same theme and applyed it on the selfhosted wp but I want to use the same color scheme that is on the blog. How can I easily extract the CSS so can change the theme. the selfhosted wp blog doens’t have that many options in wp-admin/customize.php as it does in
    Also the html of the theme seems different on the selfhosted wp blog, it doens’t have wrapper div around the header and content part.

    I hope I made myself clear english is not my native language.

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, the themes are quite different on but if you know how to edit php and CSS you’ll find they are more customizable.

    I suggest you look at the sourcecode of your blog to find the actual colour codes it is using and then you input them in the correct places over at

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