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Copy Domain

  1. The blog: is like a copy of my blog. It doesn't redirect, it just like copies the page.
    The real blog url is

    What should I do. I dont like that, I dont own the domain, and I need it off.

  2. Should I contact google, and have them remove it from their index or something. It is effecting me for google.

  3. Do a search for blog scraper or splogging.

  4. Google won't just take it off of there.

    Do you have any idea who is doing this? You could get a lawyer and they could get sued for violating your copyright. You have to find out who is hosting this copy blog. There is information at these links that can help you decide what to do.

    They might be able to help you. Whoever did this should know they could get in big big trouble!!!

  5. When you find out who is making this copy blog write a letter to the hosting company and tell them what is happening. All they have to do is check and this guy can get shut down if the hosting company is legitimate. And if they are hosting on their own computer from home get the IP address and find out which company is their internet service provider and send them a letter telling them what is happening and they can lose their service.

    There's quite a few things that can be done before you get a lawyer.

  6. GoDaddy registered the domain. The blog isn't on a host right now.

  7. Domain servers in listed order:

    Those are the servers. Is that the host.

  8. Should I complain to godaddy?

  9. No, you don't own that domain; the person who bought it does. You should complain to the web host. If the blog exists, it's hosted somewhere.

  10. It was bought through go daddy, and put onto
    I guess I can contact them.

  11. Actually the .net domain uses a frame to include the blog.

    If you wrote a post saying that the owner of the .net domain s***s d***s in h**l it would appear on their site. Just use nicer language.

  12. Well I want that removed. And go Daddy wants me to submit a copyright!

    And Im only 13, so I don't know how to do this.

  13. I dont know what else to do. It's not fair that they don't realize that is just copying it.

  14. I contacted go daddy, but in most cases, they will probably want me to submit it correctly, and I'm not capable of doing this.

  15. I contacted wp they cant do anything.
    I am totally lost I NEED HELP!
    What should I DO!

  16. You're old enough too ask an adult in real life.

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