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    My blog is at:

    I would like to be able to write my posts in something like OpenOffice Writer and paste it into the editor. I have heard there are various “off-line” editors, and they seem to want to upload your post to your blog. I’d prefer being able to just paste it into my blog.

    I tried using KompoZer, an open-source WYSIWYG HTML editor. There is a SOURCE tag that shows the HTML, and I can copy and paste stuff between the <body></body> tags.

    What are the potential pitfalls and/or alternative approaches that people are using?


    Alan OldStudent

    The blog I need help with is


    Never compose stuff in a program such as Open Office or MS Office and then paste it into your blog. It will – if not immediately – at some point completely break your blog. Open Office and MS Office are print media application, and do not speak “web.”

    I’m not sure why you would not want to post directly from a blog client. I use one all the time and can schedule posts and such, it uploads images automatically with the post and puts in the correct image links.

    Windows Live Writer is a free and exceptionally good blog client with a ton of incredibly useful features and it creates solid, valid HTML code. BlogDesk is another.

    Sadly the Mac offerings are lacking when it comes to freebees or open source, but Ecto ($20USD) is a very good client and again produces solid code. The other Mac offerings I’ve tried are sorely lacking features and some don’t even have WYSIWYG editors.

    Linux? I’m not sure.


    Thanks for the reply AND the caution. SacredPath.

    I’ll not paste from Writer or Word.

    I am using Windoze XP. Do you think BlogDesk or Windows Live Writer are better?

    I just was hesitant about posting from a blog client because it’s an unfamiliar process to me, and I know I can just open up the editor in WordPress and paste something into it, even if it’s code from something like KompoZer.

    Using BlogDesk or Windows Live Writer, would I be able to do something like that, or must I use their upload functionality directly?

    I’ll not mark this thread RESOLVED for a while to see what other responses I get.


    Alan OldStudent


    My preference – and I’m not a Microsoft fan – is for Windows Live Writer. It is feature rich and a very solid program and I find myself wishing they made it for Mac as well.

    I’ve been using a blog client for a couple years, and I’ve had virtually no problems with them.

    You can certainly copy and paste, but open the HTML view in the blog client, and paste into the HTML tab in the wordpress editor. Do note that if you have put images into the blog client, this will not work and will produce a broken image link. You will have to upload the image manually in the wordpress editor, delete the image code from the stuff you pasted into the wordpress editor and then insert the image from the wordpress editor.

    Bottom line if you are going to copy and paste, don’t put the images into the blog editor. Do that after you have pasted things into the wordpress editor.

    Give WLW a try and upload a few posts and see how it works for you. I think you will find it completely solid and virtually trouble-free.


    Hi SacredPath,

    I looked at WLW and it seemed like I was going to get into a million Micro$oft mail lists and offers, so I went for BlogEdit. I have been using it a bit, and it seems to be working well for me.

    Thanks for the advice and suggestions. I’m going to mark this thread RESOLVED.


    Alan OldStudent


    You’re welcome Alan.

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