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    I read that in order to convert a post into a page, one must copy from the existing post and paste into a new page. I have several posts that serve as photo galleries and wish to change the galleries of images from posts to pages. I’ve tried copying the gallery icon in the post whilst in edit mode and pasting into a new page, to no avail. I also tried right clicking on the gallery icon in the post whilst in edit mode, chose “select all”, and then pasted into a new page, again to no avail. Is there a way to do this or do I have to reload all the images again on the new pages?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Because “gallery” uses images attached to a specific post or page you have to upload them again to the new page. Note that you should change the names of the images to avoid confusion. WordPress will automatically add a “1” to the end of each name, and if the pictures are named with only numbers, you are likely to get confused.


    There’s another way too. Get the ID numbers of the posts, then use this form of the gallery shortcode in the new pages:

    [gallery id="ID_NUMBER_HERE"]

    (Its beginning may be just “gallery” or “gallery” plus other things if you have selected options other than the default ones.)

    In that case you mustn’t delete the posts, of course, or the images will be lost: if you were to delete them, you can simply change their status to Pending Review or Draft instead.


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    Oh! I should have known that! Guess I don’t mess with galleries enough to remember the tricks.

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