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Copy pages from one blog to another

  1. After losing all of my widgets upon a trial activation of a new theme, I decided to create a second, test blog. I'd like to copy pages from my real blog to the test blog. Can it be done?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Export from one and Import into your test site.

  3. Trying that - thanks.

  4. @townsendpdx
    When we change themes we don't lose widgets. They migrate automatically into the Inactive Widgets box. All we have to do is reposition them in the sidebar or footer area e depending on the theme. That will override the default sidebar display that accompanies the new theme activation.

  5. The Export/Import thing kinda sorta worked. I lost all of my widgets (the Text widget in the inactive area was blank), messed up my custom menu and headers, but it's sure better than starting from scratch.

  6. Did you look in your Inactive Widgets box? See what I posted above please.

  7. I did. My original text widget (w/ lots of HTML) came through the import and into the inactive widget area as a blank text widget. I see I also lost a whole page.

  8. We cannot import content in text widgets. That data is not included in export files. We copy and paste the contents of text widgets.

  9. Have you looked in your drafts for the missing page?

  10. "There are no drafts at the moment"

  11. Maybe you did not include the pages module in your screen options >

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