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    Is there any way to copy a post in it’s entirety rather than the post box lines alone?

    I regularly use various personal “template” posts and although I am able to copy+paste the lines into a new post, I’m also interested in the formatting, title, picture(s), categories, etc… as well – and in one button? :)

    A copy post command under the “Quick Edit” would be ideal.

    The blog I need help with is


    No there is not. To maintain any formatting, copy and paste from the HTML tab in the editor. That will bring all the formatting along.



    Thanks – yes I do appreciate the ability to copy+paste and keep all formatting. Just hoping to see a copy post option that reduces the work to one click… one day! :)



    What I did when I needed some look alike templates was to make several for the different use and then save the masters in draft mode and then just went back and did a copy and paste – yes a bit clunky but no worse than many word processing programs and worked fine for me.



    You can do this using Windows Live Writer or a similar offline blogging program.

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