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Copy Right

  1. How can I let the people that veiw my blog know that it is copyrighted?..I had put that my blog is copyrighted in my "About Me" section, but not everyone reads that.

  2. put it in your sidebar then...

  3. As sulz says, putting a notification in your sidebar is a good way of doing it. You can also go to and use one of their banners which makes it very clear.

    There's also a blog which deals with copyright issues; it's well worth checking out.

  4. Technically, you don't need to have a copyright notice anywhere. The Berne Convention states that any material that has not explicitly been given into the public domain is copyrighted.
    So if you write nothing, you will theoretically still have full protection (in all countries that have agreed to the berne convention, that is, pretty much all of the western world).

    However, it is of course a good idea to put the copyright notice in your blog's sidebar, just to be sure that people won't assume it's under a creative commons or gnu license.

    I see you have written "*This Blog Is Copyrighted Under Federal Law" on your blog. That is in fact incorrect, since copyright issues are not handled under federal law, but by civil courts. You can't claim protection under federal law until your material is registered with the US copyright office.

    The right way (recommended by the Copyright Office), is to write:

    Copyright © 2007 "your name"

    For more information, check out:

    Hope this was helpful,
    - Biyang Hansen

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