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    Hi and thank you in advance for insight that you can provide as to how I should proceed. I am new to copyspace and have noticed, via clicks from yesterday.Copyspace has several sites that are using my material and not making direct statements as to me being the author and creator of several of my posts. Please go to this address and enter in and look at the individual sites that are using my material. Several are WordPress sites. Please advise how I should proceed with such sites that are using my material without my permission and or documentation that I am the owner, author and creator of the material.

    Thank you for your time and kindness.




    Craig, your url is actually without the ‘www’ as that is replaced with secondchancetolive. If you take the www out, it will help search engines and everyone else on the web find you as it is not indexed with the www in it.

    As for copyscape, try their resource including their forum as there is bound to be great information in there. The wordpress sites you will find will most likely be wordpress installs hosted not on Best bet would be to look at each site for a contact information and ask them to take your posts down. That or contact their ISP and ask them.



    Hi Trent,
    Thank you so much for helping me on the url. I have made the appropriate changes in my about page and other locations. I appreciate the clarity. You are a blessing to me Trent.

    Thank you for the link to the resource page with copyscape. I will proceed on that front. Thank you again for your time and kindness Sir.

    Have a pleasant evening. Craig


    Trent, I did try and find an address to however I have sent the page in question. If you navigate to that page and scroll down you will see my material highlighted in pink. Please let me know if you believe this is innocuous or something that I need to pursue. Thank you so very much.





    imo it’s good to have a copyright agreement on your site..that being said, people are still heinous and will copy anyways. i’ve pretty much had it to the yin yan with copyright scandal over the past week. -grumble- frustrating it is! if you’re lucky to see contact info, I think you can send a politely worded email asking people to take it down and if that doesn’t work or there’s not contact info, you can do a whois lookup to get the hoster’s info and you can go that tedious route. best of luck. :)


    Thank you for your input. I have copyscape and when I enter my url: I see a whole page of people that have copied my material. I visited their sites but could not find where they copied my posts or used my material. They may have copied my material for themselves, but I am having a hard time distinquishing between what I need to be up in arms about and what I need to let go of in the time consuming pursuit of “scolding” and “politely” asking people to not copy my material. Any suggestions?????????????????



    Responding to plagarism


    Timethief and all who read my the thread above. I have read that material. Thank you for the links to copyspace. I still do not know which of the people that are revealed through entering my url into the copyscape page. I need help in learning how to distinquish the web logs and web sites that are innocuous and those that are nefarious.



    I think that if you cannot find anywhere they have posted your material, then you don’t need to worry about them. The problem is not copying: the problem is stealing to use again elsewhere, right?

    People copy things and save them to their hard drive all the time, as “Useful Advice” or whatever. It’s like a mechanical version of memorizing a poem or something. I do it myself, and take notes on the material.

    In this case, and it is just my interpretation, if people are not re-using your words, just finding them worthy of saving, it is not a problem.


    Thank you for your time and kindness raincoaster. Hope you are doing well my friend. Have a pleasant evening and God bless you! Craig

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