Copy size and surfing. 2 separate questions please.

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    1. I copy my posts from MSWord (common, I imagine). Why does the system reduce the standard Times New Roman 12 point to microscopic size? I constantly have to adjust the HTML just to make it readable?

    2. Why can’t I surf tags anymore? I used to be able to go to my post and click on categories and tags at the bottom of my post and get the whole, easy to scroll down list of recent posts in that category or tag. Now all I get is my own posts?
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    Microsoft Word is a fine word processor but unfortunately, as a web publishing tool it is a little less than ideal and produces very messy HTML. The same applies when using OpenOffice, or other word processors. If you decide that you still want to use Word then you should use the Word cleanup feature to remove all extraneous tags from your text.

    We are testing some things, so the tags and categories now link to your own blog’s tags and categories. You can still browse popular tags/categories on this page:

    And you can search for specific tags to see what blogs appear there, e.g.

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