copy text and retain the linkage?

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    This might seem like a too-simplistic question, but I will risk it out of desperation.

    I have an article that has many links in it. Many. Normally my process is to grit my teeth and:

    1. Paste the entire article, but then those links that were copied and pasted are now de-activated and need to be activated.
    2. Click the link in the original, arrive at that page, then copy the URL of that page, and then
    3. Return to my draft in WordPress to activate the link (by clicking the chain icon).

    If I do that with this article, though, I might grow old in the process. So: Is there a way to copy a text with links such that the linkage is not broken when pasted into WordPress? If not, then I will sadly decide not to post that article or any others with a load of links.



    In the article you want to copy, click on the HTML tab and copy everything there and then paste it into the HTML tab in the post or page you want to transfer it to.

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