Copy/Duplicate A Page is Now Duplicate Multiple Pages

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    I have been looking for a copy page plug in.
    There were not many, but there were a few, 1 of them I decided to install, it worked for what I needed, but not how I would have liked.

    My boss has put up a site that has all 50 states, in multiple categories, and he put them all in 1 time and in the incorrect area.

    So to save time instead of going one by one using Duplicate Post ( by lopo)
    I modified some of the files in the Word Press Admin and some in the Duplicate Post plug in.

    So now I can select all the pages I want, select “Duplicate” from the “Bulk Actions” drop list and hit “Apply”
    This will show a box similar to the “Edit”, you can choose the parent category you want them to be placed under and it will Copy all pages into that parent page.

    1 Plug in to Install ( )
    4 Files to Edit

    Let me know if you would like this code



    Since we don’t use plugins here, it’s unlikely that this will get you many responses.

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