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Copying a post from one blog to another!

  1. Hiya

    I want to copy a post on to my other blog and I can't do it! And can the solution be if u update the post on one blog it changes on the other?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you would like to copy a single post you've written from one site to the other, copy and paste always works.

    If you would like to export data from one site to another, see and import information.


  3. But I want to copy one post - and when I update it on one blog the copied and pasted text wont update :-( so that won't work!

  4. There is nothing to tie the two sites and their content together. Nothing will update the two as they are completely separate.

    If you would like to use a feed in the sidebar widgets of one of the sites, you can do so, highlighting the duplicate content from one site on another. If you make changes to the content, the feed might be updated, though not always, on the other site.

    There is no way to create a cross-site update.

    Be aware that the exact same content on duplicate sites could result in penalties and copyright issues with search engines (SEO) unless it is clearly stated why the content is being duplicated, unless you are just moving from one site to another and closing down the other site. If so, then choose to export and import the content to the new site and close the old site down.

  5. But they are both my sites!

  6. I have dozens of sites on WordPress and Ownership does not change the database and functionality. A post on one site and a post on the other have no connection between the two.

    If you wish to change the posts, you will have to change each one individually on each site.

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