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copying code from goodreads suddenly not working

  1. catherinemjohnson

    Hi there,

    The code is staying as code once I post it. Not sure how this is happening as it usually works.
    Please could someone shed light on this.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please give us a link to a post where this is a problem, starting with http:// so we can see the problem.
    The link in your sidebar looks just fine.

  3. catherinemjohnson

  4. We can't see previews; we can only look at published posts.

    Are you putting the code in the HTML editor instead of the visual editor? Sometimes it insists on being in the code editor.

  5. catherinemjohnson

    I was sure it was the visual editor. I'll go check

  6. Well, put it in the HTML editor. That should fix it.

  7. catherinemjohnson


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