Copying HTML from frontpage — Formatting errors

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    I haven’t blogged nearly as much as I once did, once the HTML editor changed here.. I used to create my blog posts within frontpage, and then copy the HTML here.. with no problems at all.

    Since the change — The formatting in the text changes drastically, and takes me over an hour to edit it.. far too time consuming. It inserts random line breaks, and other silly fomatting nonsense once i copy here.

    I don’t want to switch blog hosts, but am at a loss as to what to do.. I don’t want to create my posts on wordpress, i do want to stick to using frontpage, or something similar. I do want tog et back to blogging regularly, with little to no trouble..and not 3 hours of time!

    Thanks so much!




    Also what editor change are you referencing?

    It sounds like since you’re mentioning random line breaks that you’re currently using the rich text editor otherwise known as TinyMCE. (ie the one with the icons) If you are, please make sure that you’re entering the code into the code tab. You may even want to consider changing to the other editor. You can switch between them at Dashboard -> Users -> Your profile -> Uncheck that check box near the top and save your changes.

    Hope this helps,

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