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Copying Links to a Static Page

  1. I just switched to the Vigilance theme (fabulous). I want to take all of the links from my Links page (showing via the widget) and put them (separated by categories) on a static page, then move the widget to the unused column when I'm done. Any way I can copy these over en masse or is this something I need to do one by one? Thanks for the help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no automatic way we can use the software to transfer the Links to a static Page. What I did was create a static page and place the Pages widget in the sidebar temporarily. Then I went to the front page of my blog and copied the links in the widget and pasted them onto the Links page I created and removed the widget from the sidebar. I did all updating (additions and subtractions of links) manually.

  3. NERTS! I typed "Pages widget" above when I meant to type Links widget. Sorry :(

  4. I figured it would be a manual thing. So thank you for that confirmation (and I knew what you meant, but appreciate the clarification)!

    I was playing with the links button (on the static page) and whilst it does give me the actual weblink just right, the title doesn't seem to work.

    Rather than have the link show as a .com link, I was hoping to have the "name" of the site show up and then when you click it, off you go to the site. (Just like the widget) Is that doable? I figure since I'm inputting these manually I'd like it to be what I want!

    Thanks again for your help.

  5. I copied and pasted all the links the Links widget displayed onto a static Page and got exactly what you want.

  6. Right - I was doing it directly on the static Page. I just copied all of them off the widget - worked like a charm (a bit of clean up is now in order.)

    Thank you so much for saving me time.

    (Love your blog by the way, very very helpful to bloggers like myself).

  7. Yay! It's easy as pie isn't it? And it's the easiest things that we don't think of doing. Thanks so much for the blog compliment. I truly appreciate it. Now I'm smiling as I type. :)

  8. In some themes (including MistyLook and ChaoticSoul, one of which you probably tried before switching to Vigilance) you get a list of your links automatically, just by creating a new page and selecting the Links template for it.

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