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Copying over email subscribers

  1. Hello,

    We hosted our blog on ( and have now set up a blog on our website powered by wordpress ( and are hosting it ourselves.

    Is there a way to export our old blog subscribers over?

    We use the jetpack plugin.

    Best wishes,

    Heather Rae
    SK Chase

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    I have initiated a migration of your followers to There may be a slight delay, after which everything should be in place for you.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance!

  3. Thank you very much. The followers haven't migrated over as yet, but I'll keep an eye on it and let you know if I need any further assistance.

    Great service!


  4. Hello,

    It doesn't look like our subscribers have been copied over, as only 4 are showing on our blog -

    Would you be able to have a look and see if there is something I can do to help this?

    Thank you,

  5. Hi Heather!

    It looks like they made the migration, if you take a look on your stats page, you should see your followers listed there:

    If you have any questions, please let me know! :)



  6. Hi Evan,

    Thank you for your email. When I log onto our old site, I logged on here:

    and when I log onto our new site, I log in here:

    When I check the subscribers on our new site - it still says there are only 4.

    If you need any more info - just let me know.

    Best wishes,


  7. Hi Heather,

    Your new site is self-hosted, so there is a separate log in there that I can't access to see what you're seeing.

    The link that I provided is the link to your Jetpack stats page, which shows stats for your self-hosted blog. I know it looks like a address, but it's for your new blog not the old one. :)

    If you would like to send me a screenshot of the page you're looking at, I can take a look and try to assist with that question:



  8. Hello,

    When I try the link that you sent that should be a Jetpack stats page link I just get a blank screen htt p://

    When I go to the actual Jetpack stats page on the wordpress site( I see only 4 followers.

    Here is the screenshot of the stats page that you requested :

    Hope this helps :-)


  9. Hi,

    We're definitely seeing different things, I think we need to reconnect Jetpack.

    Would you please disconnect Jetpack and then reconnect to You can unlink it from in the Jetpack section of your blog's dashboard. You can click on "Disconnect from" in the upper right to unlink it and then reconnect.

    That should re-establish the connection.

    Let me know if you have any trouble! :)



  10. Hi Evan,

    We disconnected then connected again to jetpack, but subscribers are still showing as only 5 (must have just got a new one!).

    Can you think of anything else I can do to see if we can add the subscribers so they receive a notification when a new blog is published?



  11. Hi Heather,

    I'm showing the domain that we're connected to via Jetpack as, however that domain gives me an error when I visit.

    Are you connecting to a different site or user account? If so, that would explain the discrepancy here.



  12. Hi Evan,

    When I look here I can see there are two SK Chase (Jetpack) listings. One of them is for the domain of the new site ( and one is for the URL you mentioned above ( which is out of date (we just used it to build the site). Is this the issue ? The subscribers should be associated with

    I only have the wp account heatherrae100, however when I press the connect button in the jetpack admin console at (, it did not ask me to enter a password so I am not sure how it managed to link to my WordPress account.



  13. Hi Heather,

    Did you change something? I can now see listed as a Jetpack connection, and it tests as working properly. :)

    I have initiated the migration again, hopefully this time we'll see everybody make their way to your new home.

    There might be a delay, but you should soon be able to the follower list here:



  14. Hi Evan,

    I'm not sure!! I can see the followers now though - great!

    One small point - although I can

  15. see
  16. the subscribers - the number is still showing as 5. Do you know if this number just reflects new subscribers?


  • Hi Evan,

    Not sure if you received my last message ok, so I'll send it again :)

    I'm not sure if I did anything - but the I can now see all our followers which is great! Thank you.

    One small point; although I can see we have lots of subscribers, the 'number' showing reflects the new subscribers to the blog (i.e. 5).

    Do you know if this will change in the future, so the old ones are added in?


  • Hi Heather,

    Great! I'm glad you can see everything now. The subscriber number is something that has seen some updates lately, and for some users it has not been properly reflecting the totals. We're working on resolving that, but rest assured it doesn't mean anyone is missing, only that the total on that page is not yet updated.

    Thanks for your patience!



  • Thank you again Evan - you've been such a big help :-)

  • You're very welcome! If anything else comes up, let me know :)



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